Credits go to How to change vi color scheme in CentOS

I just did a minimal desktop install of CentOS 6 and did not like the default vi / vim color scheme.

Here is where the color schemes are located:


In the above example, vim72 is the version of vim, yours could be different.

First you have to copy /etc/vimrc to your home directory and rename to .vimrc

Now edit .vimrc that is in your home directory and add the following,

:color <yourcolorscheme>

So instead of <yourcolorscheme> you would put the color scheme you want from


It would have colors scheme files like this:

blue.vim, delek.vim, desert.vim, evening.vim etc.

When you add it to your .vimrc, you don’t need the .vim part. Just do:

:color desert

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